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To the public eye, 17- year - old Calista Quinn is best known for her musical talents. However, those near and dear to Calista know who she is beyond her musical influence. Calista is a teenager that chooses to live her life to the fullest. Calista is a teenager that chooses to live her life to the fullist. She is a home - schooled senior in high school who will be attending college next year. She intends to become an entertainment attorney, after pursuing her aspirations of studying at a prestigious piano conservatory. Calista has achieved many of her goals at this young age. She loves giving back and doing positive things that will benefit those around her. She has been and continues to be an inspiration to everyone around her both young and old. Duets from the Heart is one of many charitable endeavors in which Calista has been involved. Her music career started at the tender age of 10. Calista was bringing down the house at the legendary Apollo Theater as their CHILD STAR WINNER. From there she went on to perform  on many other  stages that others can only dream of. From Madison Square Garden to Disney World, Calista has performed before thousands, and gained a massive fan base. 

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 With over two million views on social media, her powerful vocals leave her fans wanting more. In 2016 she was featured on Radio Disney's "Fresh New Music Friday" page with her original song "Slumber Party," which Disney exclusively released.  2018 brought a surprise for this young  songbird when she was  brought straight to the blind auditions of Season 15 of NBC's "The Voice." Her time there was another notch in her belt of amazing experiences at only 15 years old. After her time on "The Voice," Calista was ready to get back into the studio, and she did. She wrote and co-produced her new single "7am." Calista was so excited  to hit the studio again to start working on her new project for Duets from the Heart, the Christmas album "Christmas Day." This album features Calista performing five classic duets that we all know and love. These amazing young talents  are sure to steal your heart. Calista also wrote and recorded the title track "Christmas Day" that featured her superstar team of singers Alexis, Ben, Elena and Izzy! Calista is so excited to embark on this exciting new journey with Duets from the Heart. It brings her tremendous joy to see the kids shine like the stars that they are.

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